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2nd Module of the Digital Transformation Training Program for Directors has started

Top managers of the private companies and state authorities became students of the 2nd module for the training program “Digital leadership” on the 12th of March. This program aims to prepare leaders for digital transformation who will be able to make an effective use of digital technologies to solve necessary working tasks of the companies.

The training module will take place from 12th  till 15th of March in the campus of the Sberbank Corporate University. It will provide a comprehensive array of knowledge for data analysis to solve working tasks and include the following subjects:

 •     Data storage and working with databases

•      General approach how to organize data analysis in the company

•      Machine Learning Basics

•      Decision making based on Big data and under conditions of high uncertainty

•      Consumer preferences research

•      Work with hypotheses in the framework of projects

Practicing experts, who benefit a vast experience in top management training and implementation of digital transformation in leading technologic companies, will be the teachers within the training program.

Based on project work fulfilled during the program, all students will be able to find a “digital solution” how to transform their company or department after the graduation of the training course.

“I entered this training course to get an idea how CEO can occupy the position of integrator within the process of translating the working tasks from the business language into the language that is clear for the direct executor, i.e. machine learning specialist. I am really happy that finally I got to know, thanks to training course, the way your subordinate employees think” – said Dmitriy Rozhkov, CEO of the “Robola” company, on his attendance of training course.

The third module of the training course will take place in April; defense of the graduation projects of the students will be at the end of June. To learn more on the training program «Digital leadership», please follow the link.

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