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On March 4, EduTech seminar was held in the campus of Sberbank Corporate University, which had the format of a panel discussion. An analytical report «Education as a driver of behavior change. Background and practical approaches» was presented at the seminar.

The participants of the seminar together with the experts discussed how people’s behavior changes during education, and what skills a specialist should possess for advanced training in modern conditions of digitalization of society.

Valeriia Zabolotna, Rector of Sberbank Corporate University, shared her experience and presented her vision of effective education, corporate education trends and existing examples of successful educational organizations. On the example of the University of Minerva and School 21, the participants of the seminar learned that there are courses which already apply modern principles of education construction. Popular approaches to permanent education, as well as the trend of personal learning trajectory with the use of gamification, have been successfully introduced at some educational sites.

From the speech by Vasiliy Klyucharev, director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience of the National Research University «Higher School of Economics», the participants of the seminar learned about what affects our brain, and how exactly we must take into account the achievements of neurobiology when preparing educational programs. So, for example, the speaker noted that in Russia at the moment, unfortunately, there is not enough expertise for a comprehensive study of the matter, but, still, there are courses which apply foreign approaches.

An example of this is the «Decision Making» course at Sberbank Corporate University, which is based on the approaches of neuroscience as an instrument and motivator for effective education. Vladimir Solovyov, Managing Partner and Founder of EVERYCO Company, considered the main obstacles to development and education, including: lack of desire and faith, both among trainers and trainees, focus on the development of weaknesses, and the desire to teach, but not to give the opportunity to learn.

Sergey Eroshin, Deputy Director of the Aerospace Defense Research and Educational Center «Almaz-Antey» named after Academician V.P. Efremov, discussed with the students the educational aspect of digitalization and topical issues of staffing support, revealing the impact of the digital world on the learning process and changing the life goals of employees. Ilya Samonenko, head of the International Scientific and Methodological Center of the National Research University «Higher School of Economics», while discussing the topic of staffing in the digital economy, told the participants of the panel discussion about the difficulties teachers encounter while teaching students modern technologies in the field of Data Science and the challenges of improving digital literacy among the teachers of humanitarian disciplines.

On the basis of the results of the seminar, the monthly EduTech magazine will be prepared and released.

The materials for this session of the EduTech seminar are available in the EduTech Club community of corporate education professionals. 

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