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EduTech webinar «Methodology for the introduction of self-training technologies in distant formats»

Last week, we launched a series of EduTech webinars, dedicated to the features and secrets of transferring full-time educational programs to distant format.

On April, 29th, we invite you to the second webinar «Methodology for the introduction of self-training technologies in distant formats.» The speaker of the webinar will be Victoria Domaeva, Project director of the Academy of Leadership and Design Thinking at Sberbank Corporate University.

Using the example of the Sbergile Fundamentals for Teams program, an expert will give recommendations and share experiences on how to turn distant training into an environment where motivation to learn appears.

At the webinar we will answer the following questions:

- What is self-training and what is its use?

- How does the feeling of freedom affect motivation to work?

- What tools help motivate people to study in a distant training environment?

- What are the features of team training?

- What are the important points at the start of training teams?

- How to create transparency in the training process without causing a feeling of being under control?

- How to organize self-training and check the "learned lessons" during corporate training?

Also during the webinar, Victoria will explain what tasks the University’s methodologists set for themselves when formulating the motivating goal of teaching and creating training materials for students.

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The materials of the first webinar «Remote project work within distributed teams» are available in the EduTech Club community following the link

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