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On March 19, Sberbank Corporate University provided a free access to the new course «Management of remote teams and employees», which was specially developed to support companies in the current business environment.

Many directors and top managers faced the problem when they need to transfer their employees to distant work. The concept of the remote work seems simple, but it needs a serious preparation, strict planning and implementation of all management tasks, in fact.

The goal of this training course is to help managers to organize a remote work without losing productivity on the one hand, and increasing employees’ safety and satisfaction on the other hand, as well as saving work expenses.

Within the training course «Management of remote teams and employees», participants will receive answers to the following questions:

•      How to organize a remote work without losing efficiency and productivity?

•      How to ensure a necessary level of distant work safety?

•      How to support employees’ engagement during this period?

In addition, the training course will provide information on distant communication, task setting, rights delegation, control, getting a feedback, motivation as well as keeping a high level of employees’ engagement.

The training will help Top Managers to get specific tools for managing employees and teams working on remote basis.

«Management of remote teams and employees» training course is available for free here: https://course.sberbank-school.ru/

Starting March 23, free access to other educational content will be available on the Sberbank Virtual School platform. Follow our announcements! 

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