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On March 4, the Sberbank Corporate University will hold a seminar on how to properly organize training to help change people's behavior in accordance with the constantly transforming market demands while answering the following questions:

  • What are the physiological aspects of behavior and learning?
  • What physiological aspects of a person need to be considered in order for the educational process to proceed as efficiently as possible?
  • What kind of new employee qualities and skills are sought out for?
  • How to make the educational process as effective as possible?

The EduTech seminar will present the analytical report “Learning as a driver of behavioral change. Background and practical approaches”, prepared by Sberbank Corporate University.

Seminar will be organized in: Universitetskaya Street 11 
Anosino Village, Istra District 
Moscow Region. 

Time: 15:00 to 17:00

For full-time or distance participation in the seminar, you must register here 

Become a speaker

If you have questions about the organization of the seminar, or you want to share your experience on the topic of the seminar and speak at it, please send your messages to the address: cu-conference@sberbank.ru

All EduTech seminar materials are available at the EduTech Club professional community. 

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