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On March 18, a training program for external partners on Managerial analysis and Big Data starts in the campus of Sberbank Corporate University. The course is of particular relevance in the light of the national program «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation», the purpose of which is the accelerated introduction of digital technologies in the economy and social sphere.

Qualification improvement program is prepared by Corporate University for the management and team of different private companies, for heads of state authorities and local self-government who are interested in forming the strategic advantages of the company through big data management.

Duration of the program is 4 weeks, during which all the participants will be able to familiarize themselves with main concepts in the field of Big data, learn to interpret and use the results of data analysis and machine learning.

Within the program, students will not only be able to understand the key terms and principles of the topic, but also will develop the skills of making basic management decisions based on data: setting Big Data tasks for specialists, preparing project goals and building a Big data-based business culture.

The participants of the program will have both – the distant modules for independent study of the recommended literature and video materials at the Sberbank Virtual School, as well as the full-time module, which will be held in the campus of Sberbank Corporate University.

On the issues relating to participation in the program, please get hold of our Contact manager: Ekaterina Prokopovich, 8 (985) 471-93-41. 

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