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How to work at home when you have children?

Family ties are very strong, but within hard times of crisis, even they can be tested for strength. Restriction of personal space and constant spending time with family can negatively affect our productivity, causing fatigue and irritation. You asked how to overcome it - we tell!

So, how to solve the issue?

• Outline boundaries

Allocate a special place for work, separated from relatives, prepare a single schedule of the day for all family members and try to strictly observe it.

• Plan your day

Get up earlier than children to prepare for the new day, and try to find especially productive hours for work, focusing on the most important tasks that require special attention.

• Agree with a partner

Choose who will take care of household activities and communication with children, organize your work periods so that they succeed each other.

• Take care of children time

Organize a special area for games and fun for children, filling it with many small entertainments that can bring fun for kids. Plan ahead time together to pay enough attention to children

• Organize your work

Work according to the Tomato technique, alternating between periods of work and short rest, switch off all unnecessary notifications and distractions, trying to devote yourself to completing tasks.

More information on the effective remote work organization can be found here within our training course of Sberbank Corporate University

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