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Valeriia Zabolotna participated in the panel discussion «The Future that is already here» in the frame of Moscow International Educational Fair 2020

On April 29, Valeriia Zabolotna, Rector of Sberbank Corporate University, took part in the panel discussion “The Future That Is Already Here” at the Moscow International Educational Fair 2020.

Experts in corporate education and personnel management discussed the role of corporate universities in the fast-paced digital world. The following spokesmen also took speeches in the frame of the panel discussion: Oksana Fetisova (MTS Corporate University), Natalia Yamshikova (SIBUR Corporate University), Alexander Zbarskiy (RZD).

Valeriia spoke about the main activities of the University and the principles that guide methodologists in developing training programs.

“Corporate University has long come to the understanding that in the ocean of information in which we are forced to swim daily, it is impossible to do without following the model of lifelong education. In this regard, we are trying to pay attention to the integrated development of the competency of continuous learning, which includes the formation of social, emotional and digital skills.”

Rector emphasized that Sberbank Corporate University provides training on the development of all levels of digital skills required for both linear and senior management.

«You need to understand that the education program must take into account the generation gap that exists between top-level leaders and young carriers of digital culture. Sberbank Corporate University relies on the value orientations of personalized education, which allows meeting the requirements of each student.»

You can follow the link to check the recording of the panel discussion “The Future That Is Already Here”.


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